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A chrome extension to consistently expand your vocabulary
and master the language expressions.



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Why Tranflix


Hello, I am Walter, and I think that learning a new language should be something fun!!

I worked in different cities in Europe and even if I had a basic knowledge of the native language, I was initially struggling to have a good conversation with people around me.

I loved TV Shows on Netflix, and I wanted to use them as a source to improve my language knowledge.

Soon I got bored of pausing the movie, getting the mobile phone, looking for the translate app and typing the word I wanted to translate.

That's why I created Tranflix, as a way to translate any movie you are watching, without having to leave Netflix.


  • What languages can I learn?

    English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Japanese and many more

  • Does it work on every movie and tv show on Netflix?

    Yes, the extension is able to detect and translate any subtitle in any movie

  • What do I need to use it?

    You need to have a Netflix account and subtitles enabled

  • How can Tranflix help me in learning a new language?

    Tranflix improves your listening skills, expands your vocabulary and helps you in mastering the language expressions

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